The inclusion of urns in a formal garden is one of the finishing touches, bringing an element of the classical, dating back to early civilisations and an element of the more recently traditional, as many of the major foundries of the Victorian period produced cast-iron urns in a variety of decorative styles, from the unashamedly flamboyant to classic clean lines and forms. Many Victorian gardens featured urns produced in either cast iron or terracotta but more modern patterns of usage and abusage of public spaces make cast iron a decorative and resilient choice.

Lost Art Limited offer a variety of styles of urn for which they already have patterns and in addition, are both willing and able to undertake the reproduction of other styles of urn, whether this is based on the reproduction of existing urns, be they metal or ceramic, or the full recreation based on illustrations and other documents. For example, the urns produced for and installed at Mesnes Park Wigan were based on a combination of illustrations and remaining fragments of the glazed terracotta originals.