The vast majority of the work conducted by Lost Art Limited involves the restoration of historic structures, this will sometimes require the carrying out of additional groundwork, such as the laying of stone bases, additional landscaping or the installation of associated drainage. Lost Art has the capability for providing such additional servicing as part of a contract delivery.

The bandstand in Queens Park, Crewe was fully restored by Lost Art Limited as part of a significant restoration project. In addition to the work on the bandstand itself, the contract required the installation of a drainage system, involving the digging of over 100 metres of trenching, the laying of ducting and drainage pipes and the backfilling of the trench. The image above shows the completed bandstand and the foreground illustrates an area through which the trench passes, although the standard of the work conducted means that this is now indetectable.

Images showing the area for the installation of the fountain and the surround railings prior to installation.

Image showing a section of the perimeter prior to installation of railings to match those shown in historical illustrations provided to Lost Art.

Historic images supplied by the client and used to design the fountain and railings.

Images showing the completed fountain with the railings designed, produced and installed by Lost Art Limited.

Images showing installed railings to match historic railings and lead set into the coping stones, which have now been correcly aligned.